Franco-Swedish Program in Philosophy and Economics

The main aim of this interdisciplinary program is to bring moral and political philosophy and economic theory to bear on the analysis, justification and criticism of political and economic institutions and public policies. Typical topics of this research include theories of distributive justice and individual responsibility, theories of welfare, equality of opportunity, democratic theory and voting systems, economic democracy, ethics and duties to future generations, evolution of norms and cooperation and its connection to the justification and metaethical status of normative theories.

During the first year of the program, many of these subjects have been discussed in 14 seminars, 7 workshops and 1 conference that hosted international speakers, commentators and audience from both fields. The program generated a significant number of published and forthcoming papers (4 books and 31 papers in journals and books).

The program is developed by Marc Fleurbaey in collaboration with Gustav Arrhenius (philosopher, Pro Futura fellow), Stéphane Zuber (economics, CNRS) and Johan Gustafsson (philosopher, postdoc).

In addition, 12 senior international scholars have been invited to join the group for periods of one week up to 6 months. These residencies have enabled collaborative work and co-written papers.


Marc Fleurbaey (Collège d'étude mondiales)
Gustav Arrhenius (philosopher, Pro Futura fellow)
Stéphane Zuber (economics, CNRS)
Johan Gustafsson (philosopher, postdoc)

Published at 18 November 2013