Actors, images and thoughts in networks between Europe and the Caribbean

From 1920 to 1946

The Actors, Images and Thoughts in network between Europe and the Caribbean 1920-1946 is a synergy of multidisciplinary research in history, anthropology, and in history of art. It aims to show how the networks are woven, interconnected and continually in movement between Europe and the Caribbean have impacted colonial history, but also intellectual, literary, and artistic history of Europe, the Caribbean, and beyond.  In this perspective, the research takes an interest as much in individuals, their trajectories, their interactions, and their circulations, as in groups, constituted or in constitution, in a perspective of studies of cultural, intellectual and artistic exchanges, which nourish the paths and growth of personal lives in spaces of social identities. The study is founded on research in archives, sometimes unpublished or unknown.

Project Leader
Christelle Lozère, Université des Antilles


Published at 5 March 2019