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Societies are undergoing radical change in the face of environmental challenges. The reflections and solutions proposed are growing in the academic world and involves an interdisciplinary approach, where the work of researchers and artists would benefit from closer and more structured collaboration. Ecological crisis, global warming, the relationship between society and its environment, green economy, forced migrations... these are just some of the issues to which researchers and artists can jointly contribute their knowledge and expertise.

The Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, in partnership with the Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian Delegation in France, financially supports the invitation of foreign artists to take part in Arts & HSS research projects on environmental issues.

The Research residency- Arts & HSS programme allows French research institutions to invite foreign artists from any discipline (photography, painting, music, visual arts, performing arts, etc.) and of any nationality to spend 2 to 3 months within their structure.

The institution will have to justify the need to invite the artist and the way in which his/her artistic practices are combined with scientific research.

The residency will give rise to a public presentation (conference, exhibition or other format) of the work carried out.


  • Strengthening relationships between artists and researchers, and the cross-fertilization of approaches, methods and practices between the arts, humanities and social sciences;
  • Promoting interaction between the arts and the humanities and social sciences on the theme of the environment;
  • Supporting research projects in the humanities and social sciences with a strong artistic dimension(s), where art is not only limited to production or a form of valorization.

Eligibility criteria

The call is open to researchers from all French research institutions, from doctoral level upwards. Only the coordinator must be employed by a French research institution or higher education establishment, which will host the project.

The project must include a strong artistic dimension, justifying the artist's invitation and contribution to the project.

Selection criteria

Projects will be evaluated and selected by a scientific committee, which will pay particular attention to :

  • The link between humanities and social sciences research and the arts, the relevance of the links with the theme of the environment, and the quality of the scientific project;
  • The relevance and feasibility of the artist's residency in the host laboratory;
  • The interdisciplinary dimension and complementarity of the researchers and artists involved;
  • The involvement of young researchers and/or artists;
  • The international cooperation dimension of the project beyond the invitation of the foreign artist;
  • Collaborations with artistic creation centers.

Practical and financial terms

Support amounts to €2,000/month for a stay of between 2 and 3 months. The FMSH will finance the foreign artist's mobility, with financial assistance covering accommodation, living expenses and transportation.

For selected applications, an agreement will be drawn up between the laureate artist, the FMSH and the host laboratory in France

Application form

  • CV of the project leader and the guest artist
  • Invitation letter from the project's researcher-coordinator detailing the need for the artist's presence within the project and the articulation of artistic practices within the host research laboratory
  • Research project

Obligations of the laureate

The laureate artist is responsible for finding his/her own accommodation and airfare. The FMSH provides support in obtaining visas.

The laureate artist undertakes to come at the FMSH, or if not possible, to the French research laboratory, to present the work carried out (in the form of a conference, seminar, round table, exhibition or projection, etc.).

Submission of the file and schedule

The submission of the application file is done as follows:

  1. Go to the platform and enter the "Project workspace";
  2. Log in if you have already created an account, otherwise create an account;
  3. Fill in your account profile for the "Project manager contact information" platform and click on "Create a project";
  4. Select the call: "Arts et SHS – Appel à Résidences de recherche - 2024 ";
  5. Fill in all the categories of information about your network project;
  6. Then specify the team coordinator and its members;
  7. At the bottom of the project page, download a single electronic document in Pdf format entitled "Arts et SHS – Appel à Résidences de recherche - 2024" including the form attached to the call.

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