Celso Furtado: an academic exile

May 30th | A lecture by Rosa Freire d’Aguiar
6:00 pm
8:00 pm
chercheurs en exil

Celso Furtado: an academic exile - conference #3

Celso Furtado arrived in Paris in 1965, a few months after the military coup in Brazil. Deprived of his political and civic rights, forced to abandon his official functions as Minister of Planning and Director of the Nordeste Development Agency, he began a new life in Paris: that of a university professor. At the Sorbonne and other academic institutions such as IEDES, IHEAL and the Maison des Sciences de l'Homme, he devoted himself for twenty years to the training of hundreds of students from all over the world and to the writing of books on Brazil, Latin America, development and culture, which are the main themes of his work.

  • Speaker : Rosa Freire d’Aguiar
  • Respondant: Glauber Sezerino
Intellectuals in Exile: Humanism without Borders

A series of 4 lectures on the intellectual trajectories of exile

Exile has never spared intellectuals. In the twentieth century and up to the present day, it has even been one of the usual conditions for the intellectual life. But if it obstacles thought and creation, it also sometimes leads them to blossom elsewhere, or even to be nourished by this situation made up of losses and constraints.

The series of lectures "Intellectuals in Exile: Humanism without Borders" seeks to make visible the complexity of these intellectual trajectories and their importance both for the renewal of thought and for democracy.

Each conference is organized around an exiled intellectual, most often hosted at the FMSH or the EHESS. Together with the specialists invited to present them, these intellectuals represent a wide range of backgrounds, whether it be their country of origin, their preferred discipline, or the period and conditions of their exile.

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Published at 23 March 2023