Sam Nixon

Invited Researcher of DEA Programme
Stay in France: from September 15 to October 15, 2018

Dr. Sam Nixon is an archaeologist and Research Associate at the Sainsbury Research Unit, University of East Anglia, UK. Sam received his Ph.D. from University College London in 2008, after which he was employed as a Postdoctoral Researcher and Research Associate at the University of East Anglia. His research interests are primarily focused on the historic arts and cultures of West Africa, and in particular on trans-regional trade and exchange networks. He is currently working on a new book entitled 'The Gold Route: A History of the Trans-Saharan World from Pre-Roman Times to the Era of Timbuktu' (Thames & Hudson).

The project 

Titre : Communities, economies, and exchange networks along the caravan routes of trans-Saharan Africa

Mots-clés : 

Pre-modern global trade and exchange networks; Africa; trans-Saharan trade and exchange; archaeology

Selected publications

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