Nikolai Vokuev

Laureate of the Atlas Program

Stay from 15 October to December 15, 2017

Nikolai Vokuev is currently Associate Professor at the Institute of Culture and Arts of Syktyvkar State University. A graduate of Komi State Pedagogical Institute, Faculty of Foreign Languages (2008), he worked in the regional media of the Republic of Komis for five years. A graduate of the program "The School of Cultural Journalism" (2012, Foundation PRO ARTE and Foundation Mikhail Prokhorov), he defended his doctoral thesis in 2013 and began teaching at Syktyvkar State University.

Research project

Les transformations du journalisme culturel en France

keywords: media culture, cultural culture, cultural journalism

Recent publications

1. Vokuev N. “Culture as “intellectual whitener” and surplus: the features of cultural journalism in post-Soviet Russia.” Human. Culture. Education. Syktyvkar, 2017, No.2

2. Mejias, Ulises A. & Vokuev, Nikolai E. (2017). “Disinformation and the media: The case of Russia and Ukraine.” Media, Culture & Society, DOI: 10.1177/0163443716686672

3. Vokuev N. “Network Society and Pitirim Sorokin's Theory of Social Mobility” in Pitirim Sorokin and XXI Century's Paradigms of Global Development. Syktyvkar, 2014

4. Vokuev N. “Life Like a Dream: Ontological Crisis and its Representation in R. Linklater's Waking Life.” Human. Culture. Education. Syktyvkar, 2014, No.2