Meriem Marzouki

Invited Researcher of Atlas Programme
Stay in France from October 1st to December 29th, 2020

Meriem Marzouki holds a doctorate in History, Archeology and Heritage from the University of Tunis, member of the Maghrebian Archeology and Architecture Laboratory (LAAM-LR13ES10) and associate researcher at the History and Archeology laboratory of Medieval Christian and Muslim Worlds “CIHAM-UMR 5648 ”.
She devotes her research to questions relating to the settlement, archeology and material culture of the societies of the medieval and modern Maghreb. Her research interests are mainly focused on mountain archeology, vernacular architecture and the way of life of Berber mountain societies in the North-East of Tunisia.

Title: The city of Zaghouan (North-East Tunisia): History and monuments

Keywords: Mountain archeology, vernacular architecture, organization of the territory, population, hilltop villages, Zaghouan, Tunisia.

Selected publications

  • Meriem Marzouki, « Zâwiya Sîdî Bou-Gabrîne à Djebel Zaghouan : étude architecturale et historique », in Al-Sabîl : Revue d’Histoire, d’Archéologie et d’Architecture Maghrébines [En ligne], n°1, Année 2016.
  • Meriem Marzouki, « Takrouna, Zriba et Jéradou, Les Villages Perchés Du Djebel Zaghouan », in Historia, n° Hors-Série, Année 2017.
  • Paolo Anagnostou, Valentina Dominici, Cinzia Battaggia, Nouri Boukhchim, Jaâfar Ben Nasr Ridha Boussoffara, Emmanuel Cancellieri, Marwa Marnaoui, Meriem Marzouki, Hedi Bel Haj Brahim, Mongi Bou Rass, Savino di Lernia, Giovanni Destro Bisol, ′′ Berbers and Arabs: Tracing the genetic diversity and history of Southern Tunisia through genome wide analysis ", In American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 2020.