Kseniia Elstova

Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH, Moscow)

Laureate of the Atlas Programme 

Stay in France: from September 3, 2018 to November 26, 2018

Ksenia Eltsova, associate professor at the Higher School for European Cultures of the Russian State University for the Humanities (RSUH, Moscow). Her research interests are currently focused primarily on media representations of social hierarchy, social distinction and social inequality.

Mrs Eltsova obtained her PhD degree with the ‘Idea of Elitism in Russian New Media: methods of construction and patterns of representation’ research project in 2016 at the RSUH. She also graduated from the Geography faculty of the Lomonosov Moscow State University in 2004 (M.A. degree in Human Geography), and later held scholarships for academic stays at the Justus Liebig University of Giessen (2011 – 2012) and at the Humboldt University of Berlin (2013 – 2014).

The project 

Title: ‘Highbrow / intellectual content’ in French new media: discourses, practices and economics


Cultural representations / media representations of social hierarchies, social distinction and social inequality; Cultural economics; Cultural representations of space.

Selected Bibliography

Peer-reviewed journals / other academic contributions

  • Eltsova K. Mekhanika iskrennosti [The Mechanics of Sincerity (Review of: Rutten E. Sincerity after Communism: A Cultural History. New Haven; L., 2017)] // New Literary Observer. 2017. 147: 332 – 340.
  • Eltsova K. Rossijskie «kachestvennye media» i konstruirovanie elitarnosti [Russian ‘High-Quality Media’ and Discursive Construction of Elitism] // NZ. Debates on Politics and Culture. 2017. 114: 81 – 97.
  • Eltsova K. Novye media kak industrija kul'turnykh praktik: proizvodstvo i potreblenie smyslov [New Media as Cultural Industry and Cultural Practice: production and consumption of meaning] // Book of Abstracts of the Round Table ‘Creative Industries: Theories and Practices’ at the 8th April International Conference, Higher School of Economics (Moscow, Russia), April 13 2017: 85 – 87.
  • Eltsova K. Moda mezhdu haben i sein. Interv'ju s Lenoj Kvadrat [Fashion in between haben und sein. Research interview with Lena Kvadrat (Wien)] // Fashion Theory. 2017. 45: 275 – 291.
  • Eltsova K. Iskusstvo sborki. Interv'ju s Katej Bochavar [The Art of Assembling Things. Research Interview with Katya Bochavar] // Fashion Theory. 2017. 44: 291 – 313.
  • Eltsova K. Diskursy ob elitarnykh gruppakh v sovremennoi Rossii (analis publikaziy v novykh media) [Discourses on elite groups of contemporary Russian society (analysis of new media publications)] in Vestnik RGGU. Seria Politologiya [RSUH Bulletin. Political Sciences Section]. Moscow. Publishing House of the Russian State University for the Humanities. 2015. 6 (149): 44-52.
  • Eltsova K. Psichologiya elitarnosti: sposoby postroeniay mediabrendov v Runete [Psychology of elitism: construction of media brands in Runet] in Psycology and psytechnic [Psichologiya i psichotechnika]. Moscow. NB Publishing House. 2015. 1: 11-21.
  • Eltsova K. ‘Kachestvenniye media dlya ‘obrazovannogo men’schinstva’: analis diskursa ob elitarnosti v rossiiskikh novykh media [‘High-profile media’ for ‘well-educated minority’: analysis of elitist discourses in Russian new media] in Filosofia i Kultura [Philosophy and Culture]. Moscow. NB Publishing House. 2014. 8 (80): 1149-1175.
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  • Eltsova K. Mentalitet narodov v kino [Representations of Spacial Mentality in Cinema] in Gazeta ‘Geographiya’ [‘Geography’ newspaper]. 2003. № 22 (701): 5-11.

Mass-media (selected publications)

  • Eltsova K. Giampaolo Abbondio: Ya ne veryu v sovremennyi art-rynok [Giampaolo Abbondio: I don’t believe in art-market], analytical interview in Art-Manager [‘The Art-Manager’ magazine, ISSN 1819-8376]. 2008. 3 (19): 13-14.
  • Eltsova K. Kak postroit’ biznes, rasskazyvaya o kulture [How to build a business on media about culture] analylical interview with Maxim Maslakov, CEO ARTMEDIA GROUP, in Art-Manager [‘The Art-Manager’ magazine, ISSN 1819-8376]. 2008. 3 (19): 89-92.
  • Eltsova K. Aukzionnyi Dom Sotheby's: kak prodavat’ i pokupat’ iskusstvo [Auction House Sotheby’s: how to sell and buy art], analylical interview with Mikhail Kamenskyi, CEO Sotheby’s Russia&CIS in Art-Manager [‘The Art-Manager’ magazine, ISSN 1819-8376]. 2008. 3 (19): 48-53.
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