Iryna Teslenko

Laureate of the Atlas Programme 

Stay in France: from September 4 to December 1st, 2018

Iryna Teslenko graduated in 1993 from the Kiev State T. Shevchenko University (Kiev, Ukraine) with an MA in History and Archeology. She started to work in the Crimean Branch of the Institute of Archaeology NUAS (Simferopol, Crimea). She is currently a Research Fellow with a Ph.D. degree in the Department of Archaeology of Crimea and Northern Black Sea Region, Institute of Archaeology, National Ukrainian Academy of Science (Kiev). She has 25 years of experience in archaeological investigation (11 of them as a head of archaeological expeditions) and medieval pottery research.

The project 

Title: Trade in the Northern Black Sea Region in the Late Medieval Period. An Interdisciplinary Archaeological and Archaeometric Approach. Through pottery


  • Byzantine and early Ottoman archaeology of Northern Black Sea Region (8th-10th, 13th-16th cent),  
  • Medieval pottery of Black Sea region and Eastern Mediterranean: classification, chronology, distribution (8th-10th, 13th-16th century).

Selected publications

The 95 articles, 1 collective monograph, 3 edited volumes; among the others the most important are:

  • ITeslenko, S.Y. Waksman (2016): Lusta, a Small Glazed Pottery Workshop on the Southern coast of Crimea. M. Ferri, C. Moine, L. Sabbionesi (ed.) In & Around. Ceramiche e comunitá. Secondo convegno tematico dell‘ AIECM3 Faenza, Museo Internazionale delle Ceramiche, 17–19 april 2015. Faenza: All’Incegna del Ciglio. 192-194.
  • Teslenko I.B., Musin E.A. (ed.) (2015): Archaeology of Semidvorie I. Double apse medieval church in the Yedi Evler valley (Alushta, Crimea): studies and materials. Archaeological Almanac, № 32. Kyiv: “Antikvar”. 400 p. (in Russian).
  • Teslenko I.B. (2015): Piphosy iz archeologicheskih kompleksov Tavriki XIV–XV vv.  (Pithoi from archaeological complexes of Taurica of the 14th-15th centuries) (in Russian), in: Stratum Plus: The Genoese Gazaria and the Golden Horde. S. Bocharov & A. Sitdikov (ed.). Kazan-Simferopol-Kishinev. 125-163.
  • S.Y. Waksman, I. Teslenko (2010): Novy Svet Ware”, an Exceptional Cargo of Glazed Wares in a 13th Century Shipwreck near Sudak (Crimea, Ukraine)Morphological Typology and Laboratory Investigations in: International Journal of Nautical Archaeology. 39.2. 357-375.
  • Teslenko I. (2007): Turkish Ceramics in the Crimea on the Eve of the Porta Invasion (Problems of Chronology of a Certain Group of Vessels) in: Archaeometric and Archaeological Approaches to Ceramics. S.Y. Waksman (ed.). Oxford, 187-193.