Wolfgang Muno

Researcher in residence at the Maison Suger | September-October 2023
Wolgang Muno

Wolfgang Muno Chair of Comparative Government, Institute of Political and Administrative Sciences, University of Rostock, since 2018, research stays in Argentina, Cuba, Canada, USA, Venezuela, Chile, Uruguay, Panama, Mexico, Sweden, Norway, UK, Spain, Poland, India, Thailand and China.

The project

Title: Populism in France. Historical and actual development

Democracies around the world are under massive pressure from populist parties or politicians (see, e.g., Stockemer 2019, Muno and Pfeiffer 2021). Larry Diamond (2022) sees democracy imperiled, and french historian Pierre Rosanvallon (2020) even considers the 21st century as the "century of populism". Due to this global development, populism has become one of the most used and most discussed concepts in the past two decades, not only in political science. Politicians, governments, actions, strategies, or discourses are often called “populist”, without a clear conceptual embedding.

Hosting institution: Institut Historique Allemand - Paris

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Published at 11 September 2023