Toshi Arimura

Researcher in residence at the Maison Suger | May 2023-August 2024
Toshi Arimura

Toshi Arimura is a professor of environmental economics and a Director of the Research Institute for Environment Economics and Management at Waseda University. He was a Professor at Sophia University in Tokyo and was a visiting scholar with George Mason University and Resources for the Future as a recipient of the Abe Fellowship.

His major research area is climate change policy. He is a coeditor of Carbon Pricing in Japan (Springer) which received the commentary award from Society for Environmental Economics and Policy Studies (SEEPS) in 2021. Professor Arimura holds a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Minnesota, a Master degree in environmental science from the University of Tsukuba and BA in history of science from the University of Tokyo. He has served on many Japanese government committees on environmental issues. He has received several awards such as Ichimura Prize in Science against Global Warming for Excellent Achievement  or SEEPS Outstanding Publication Award.  He is currently serving as the president of SEEPS.

The project

Economic research on climate change policy with focus on carbon pricing in France as well as in European Union.

Carbon Neutral Policy, Carbon Pricing, Sustainable Procurement, ESG, Energy Policy.

Hosting institution : Paris School of Economics

Selective bibliography

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Workshop Energie et Environnement - Arimura Shadrina
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Interdisciplinary Workshop on Energy and Environment

Published at 26 April 2023