Sofia Miguens Travis

Researcher in residence at the Maison Suger | September-December 2023
sofia Miguens Travis

Sofia Miguens Travis is Full Professor at the Department of Philosophy of the University of Porto and Principal Investigator of the Mind, Language and Action research Group.  She is author of nine books and editor of several others, among them : Filosofia Contemporânea – Figuras e movimentos (2 ed 2023) Arte Descomposta - Stanley Cavell, a estética e o futuro da Filosofia (Lisboa, Edições 70, 2022), Pre-Reflective Consciousness - Sartre and contemporary philosophy of mind (Routledge, 2016) and The Logical Alien  (Harvard University Press, 2020). She has published in Portuguese, English and French on several topics in philosophy of mind and language, epistemology and cognitive science, moral and political philosophy and history of 20th century philosophy.

The project

Title: Forms of Life – Language, Ethics, and Politics (from Wittgenstein to current French ordinary language philosophy)

The main scientific objective of this research stay in Paris is to extend her previous work on the philosophy of mind, language and action to ethics and political philosophy, including issues of feminism and gender. In recent years, this work has focused on the philosophy of ordinary language (see e.g. Miguens 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022, List of publications). In this capacity, she will benefit greatly from direct contact with Professor Sandra Laugier, whose work in all these fields is eminent in France and abroad. In addition to taking part in events organized by Professor Laugier and her team at the CPCS (ISJPS, UMR 8103, CNRS-Paris I), she also plans to conduct a long interview with her.

Hosting institution: Université de Paris I – Panthéon Sorbonne

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Published at 12 September 2023