Philippe Rousselot

President of Hestia Expertise

President and founder of Hestia expertise in 2014, member of the board of Sciences Po Aix and of RFIEA, president and founder of the Société Internationale des Amis de Cicéron (SIAC) since 2008, Doctor of Humanities (History), officer in the French air force (1982-1994), member of the French Court of Audit since 1994. Born in 1959.



- Organising productive discussions between researchers in the social sciences and government administrators in the field of geopolitics and national security.

- Analysing the development of conflicts through particular cases. Currently the theme is special war.



- Organisation of a national conference on special operations, Ecole militaire, March 2016

- Les forces spéciales américaines : vers une refondation ? (American special forces: towards reconstruction), Working paper, FMSH, June 2016.

- Rapport relatif à l’activité de la délégation parlementaire au renseignement pour l’année 2014 (Report on the activity of the parliamentary delegation for information for 2014), Carnet Hestia, February 2015

- “France : quel budget pour les services ?” (France: what budget for services?), L’ENA hors les murs, Le renseignement dans tous ses états (Beyond the ENA, Information in all its states), June 2014, no. 442.

- A propos du récent rapport du Sénat sur les forces spéciales (On the recent Senate report on the special forces), Carnet Hestia, September 2014.




Hestia Expertise

Initiative de recherche
Published at 1 February 2017