Mirzokhid Rakhimov

Laureate of the Atlas Programme  Stay in France : from September 20th to October 21th, 2021

Mirzokhid Rakhimov is head of the department at Contemporary History Center of the Academy of Sciences as well as the Professor of the Webster University branch in Tashkent. He contributed to a broad range of publishers, amongst them Brill, Routledge, Springer, Elsevier, Peter Lang, Primus Books, Cuvillier publications as well as journals like Journal of Eurasian studies; Cambridge Journal of Eurasian studies; L`Europe en formation; Journal of Studies on European Integration and Federalism; Himalayan and Central Asian Studies and others.

The project

Title: Uzbekistan in antifascist movements in Europe during WW2

Keywords: contemporary history, international and regional relations in Central Asia

Selected publications

  • М.Рахимов (2020). Современные многосторонние отношения в Центральной Азии. Ташкент, Фан. 224  с.
  • Mirzokhid Rakhimov. “Complex regionalism in Central Asia: Local, regional, and global factors // Cambridge journal of Eurasian studies. 19 December 2018. P.13. https://www.veruscript.com/CJES/publications/complex-regionalism-in-central-asia
  • Новейшая история Центральной Азии: проблемы теории и методологии. (2018). Отв. рек.и сост. А.Аликберов, М.Рахимов. Москва ИВ РАН. С.302.
  • Новейшая история Узбекистана. (2018, 2020). Учебник для вузов. Под редакцией М.Рахимова. Т. Адабиёт Учкунлари. С.512.
  • Mirzokhid Rakhimov, Reimund Seidelmann, Sinatillo Jonboboev,  (eds). (2015) Central Asia, issues, problems and perspectives.  Cuvillier Publishing House, Goettingen, P.298.
  • Anita Sengupta, Mirzokhid Rakhimov (eds). (2015) South and Central Asia: insights and commentaries. KW, New Delhi. P.409.
  • Sinatillo Jonboboev, Mirzokhid Rakhimov, Reimund Seidelmann (eds). (2014). Central Asia today: Countries, Neighbors, and the Region. Peter Lang Publishing House, Frankfurt/Berlin/Bern/Brussels, New York/Oxford/Vienna. Pp.374.
Published at 23 November 2021