Laure Hadj

Associated researcher to the chair of Anthropology and Global Health

Laure Hadj is a teacher-researcher in socio-demography at the University of Picardie Jules Verne, attached to the CURAPP-ESS (UPJV-CNRS). Its research program focuses on inequalities, vulnerable populations and forms of social integration in France and overseas territories. It is based on an interdisciplinary methodology. 

His doctoral work aimed to interpret a form of social integration from the consumption structure of poor households. His current research contributes to the understanding of health inequalities by studying migrants' access to care as an indicator of social inequality.

Reserach Project

His research project is in the Anthropology and Global Health Chair led by Vinh-Kim Nguyen. It focuses on a new HIV prevention offer, the Truvada Pre-exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP), among immigrants from sub-Saharan Africa living in Ile-de-France. These populations are in a vulnerable position in the face of the disease because of their links with countries affected by the epidemic and / or their precarious situation in France.

Two objectives are targeted: 

• the knowledge and acceptability of Truvada in PrEP for these populations (BEH, 2017)
• access of these populations to Truvada in PrEP.


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Chair of Anthropology and Global Health

Outline of the Chair
Published at 28 November 2017