Gor Margaryan

Laureate of the Atlas Program Stay from March 28 to June 25, 2018

After a Master's degree (2008-2010) obtained at the Yerevan State University in Oriental Studies and a thesis in History in the National Academy of Armenia (2011-2014) Gor Margaryan works as a researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies of the National Academy of Armenia. Besides this since 2016 he teaches at the International Scientific and Educational Center of the National Academy of Armenia and at the ERA (European Regional Academy in Yerevan).

The Project

Title: The history of the South Caucasus under the prism of the comparative analysis of Eastern and European sources (from the mid-fourteenth century to the end of the fifteenth century)


Middle Ages history, oriental sources, historiography, history of the post-ilkhanid period, history of the South Caucasus

Selected publications

  1. The Fiscal System of The Eastern Georgia in The Late Medieval Epoch,Georgian Source-Studies, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2014, № XV-XVI, p. 138-146.(in Russian)
  2. The types of tarkhan and the immunity of taxes in Eastern Georgia (The 16th – 18th centuries), Historical-Philological Journal, Yerevan, 2014, № 1 (195), p.114-122. (in Armenian)
  3. The taxation of the prostitution in the Late Medieval Iran, Papers of the I international scientificpractical conference/26-27 November 2015/, Stariy Oskol (Russia), p. 275-280, 2015. (in Russian)
  4. Comparative analysis of literary sources about the occupation of the Sebastia by Tamerlan in august in 1400, Georgian Source-Studies, Tbilisi, Georgia, 2015/2016, № XVII-XVIII, p. 62-70.(in Russian)
  5. Some remarks on the history of Qarābāgh in the late Mongol period (XIV-XV centuries) /With Coauthor Aram Vardanyan/Revue des Études Armeniennes, , vol. 37, Paris, 2018, pp 155-172.(in English)
  6. The Question Of Monastery Landholding In Eastern Georgia (XVI C.), The Countries And Peoples Of The Near And Middle East, Yerevan, 2014 (in Armenian)
  7. The Monastic Landownership in Georgia (a brief review), Middle East, 2012, № 8, p. 115-123,
  8. Relationships Between Church And State In Eastern Georgia (XVI - XVIII centuries),Kantegh, Yerevan, № 2-3 (59-60),p. 181-196, 2014. (in Armenian)
  9. Quelques remarques sur l’histoire économique-fiscale de l’ Arménie en période post-ilkhanide , AJNES, vol. 9, issue 2, pp. 129-139, 2015(2016)
  10. Some remarks about fiscal system's reforms in Iran and Transcaucasia in XIV-XV centuries, Papers of conference "Armenia and Christian Caucasus" (Yerevan,15-16 December), p.147-150. (in Armenian)
  11. Some details about Timur Lang’s lameness and origin, The Countries And Peoples Of The Near And Middle East, Yerevan, 2017, N 31, p. 76-83.
Published at 3 April 2018