Emmanuel Alloa

Associated researcher at the Politique des images programme

Emmanuel Alloa is a lecturer in philosophy at the University of St Gallen, Senior Research Fellow at Eikones (Swiss National Centre of Competence in Research, Iconic Criticism) and lectures in aesthetics at the Visual Arts Department of Paris 8 University. His work centres primarily on questions relating to the witnessing and visual representation of extreme violence. Recent publications: Das durchscheinende Bild [The Translucent Image] (Diaphanes, 2011), La résistance du sensible. Merleau-Ponty critique de la transparence [Resistance of the Sensitive. Merleau-Ponty's critique of transparency] (Kimé, 2014), Penser l’image II. Anthropologies du visuel [Thinking about the Image II. Visual Anthropologies], dir. (Presses du réel 2015), "The Most Sublime of all Laws. Strange Resurgences of Kantian Motive in Contemporary Image Politics (Rancière, Nancy, Didi-Huberman)", in Critical Inquiry (vol. 41, no. 2, winter 2015).

The politics of images

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Published at 23 September 2016