Laureate of the Atlas Programme  Stay in France: from September 15 to December 22, 2017

Bruno Pomara Saverino (Palermo, 1984) is a PhD in Modern History (Universitat de València – Università degli studi della Repubblica di San Marino). In 2011 he was awarded with the Young Researcher Prize by the FEHM (Fundación Española de Historia Moderna) and in 2016 with the Prize for the Religious History by the Istituto Sangalli per la Storia e la Cultura Religiosa. Over the last years, he differentiates his research interests, changing topics and geographical contexts, with social and microhistorical approaches. Starting from the analysis of violence in Sicily (see at his first monography, Bandolerismo, violencia y justicia en la Sicilia barroca, Madrid, CSIC, 2011), his researches focused even on the prejudice and colour of skin on Iberian slavery, as well as the migration and diaspora of the Moriscos refugees, very current issues in the today’s debates (see at his forthcoming book, Rifugiati. I moriscos e l’Italia, Firenze, Firenze University Press, 2017). He co-directed the volume Identidades cuestionadas. Coexistencias y conflictos interreligiosos en el Mediterráneo (ss. XIV-XVII) (Valencia, PUV, 2016) and he is author of articles in first ranking peer reviewed journals, such as Quaderni Storici, Rivista Storica Italiana or Estudis. Revista de Historia Moderna.

Research Project

Commercial networks of Moorish refugees in the Western Mediterranean (1610-1650)


Refugeedom, Immigration, Diasporas, Mediterranean trade and networks, Slavery, Islam, Religious History, Inquisition

Recent Publications

  • Rifugiati. I moriscos e l’Italia, Florence, Firenze University Press, 2017, forthcoming
  • Bandolerismo, violencia y justicia en la Sicilia barroca, Madrid, FEHM-CSIC, 2012with Borja Franco Llopis; Manuel Lomas Cortés; Bárbara Ruiz-Bejarano (eds.), Identidades cuestionadas. Coexistencia y conflictos interreligiosos en el Mediterráneo (ss. XIV-XVIII), PUV, Valencia, 2016
  • Fuga de la Suprema. Los moriscos en búsqueda de la benevolencia del Papa, «Sharq al-Andalus. Estudios Mudéjares y Moriscos», 21, 2014-16
  • Storie di moriscos nella Roma del Seicento, «Rivista Storica Italiana», CXXVII, 1, 2015
  • Violencias en el Mediterráneo católico (ss. XVI-XVII). Historiografía e interpretación, «Estudis. Revista de Historia Moderna», 41, 2015
  • La diaspora morisca in Italia: storie di mediatori, schiavitù e battesimi, «Storia Economica», XV, 1, 2014
  • Presenze silenziose. I moriscos di fronte al Sant’Uffizio romano (1610-1636), «Quaderni Storici», 144, 3, 2013
Published at 26 September 2017