The social rejection industry

The conference of Gina Dent – 25th november 2016

Conference held through the cycle of international conferences « Diversity of experiences and common concerns », organized by Manthia Diawara and Nicole Lapierre, under the auspices of New York University (NYU) Paris, the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme, Institut du Tout-Monde and the NYU Institute for African American Affairs.

How to imagine and conceptualize the opportunity of a coexistence, within our differences rather than despite them? How to host singular and dissenting stories in a vibrant polyphony of a communal world? How to develop solidarities based on the diversity of experiences? How to undertake past conflicts in order to build a society? These are issues arising with more acuteness than ever, as cultural isolationism and social disparities increase in today's world.

Gina Dent, Professor at the Univerity of California, talks about her recent research on the incarceration industry and the relationships between prison development, neo-liberalism, racism and sexism.


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Published at 20 December 2016