Racial Issues and Integration in the USA

The conference of Orlando Patterson on the 12 december 2016

Conference held through the cycle of international conferences « Diversity of experiences and common concerns », organized by Manthia Diawara and Nicole Lapierre, under the auspices of New York University (NYU) Paris, the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme, Institut du Tout-Monde and the NYU Institute for African American Affairs.


Orlando Patterson, Sociologist, Professor at Harvard, has conducted extensive research on ethno-racial relations and the social and cultural effects of poverty among black youth in the United States. Its analyzes and proposals contribute to public debate on these issues. They are more than ever current after the election of Donal Trump. Author of several reference works, including Slavery and Social Death (1982), Freedom in the Making of Western Culture (1991), The Ordeal of Integration (1997), The Cultural Matrix. Understanding Black Youth (with Ethan Fosse, 2015). He has also written three novels and regularly publishes tribunes in the New York Times.


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Published at 9 January 2017