Unequal partners. American foundations and universities in Africa

Written by Fabrice Jaumont in the collection Le (bien) commun

At a time when higher education is once again recognized as a driver of economic development, knowledge societies are demanding new skills, making manufacturing-based economies obsolete, and the context in which universities operate is increasing. their precariousness and forces them to adapt to the best, one may wonder what role international philanthropy can play. This book examines the role of American philanthropic foundations and the emerging trends emerging from this historical context, the conditions under which philanthropy can be effective, the dead ends that foundations face regularly, and the contexts in which global philanthropy actors operate today. The book profiles the main foundations investing in African higher education, those with long experience in the sector, and the most recent ones looking for a place. Rather than presenting these foundations as benefactors who have saved higher education on the continent, this study proposes a nuanced vision that seeks to measure their real impact on universities, as well as the "unequal" partnerships that arise when partners have more resources than the other.



Published on February 13, 2018

Edition First Edition
Publisher Editions of the House of Sciences of Man, Paris

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184 pages

ISBN-10 2-7351-2400-2
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Foreword | Vartan Gregorian, President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York

Introduction: American philanthropy and the renaissance of African higher education

Part I: Ecology of American Foundations in Africa

Chapter 1: A Centennial Philanthropic Interest in African Higher Education

Chapter 2: Educational Philanthropists and Developers of Higher Education

Part II: Commonalities between Philanthropic Foundations

Chapter 3: Foundations of Institutional Culture

Chapter 4: When Foundations Work Together

Chapter 5: Authority of Presidents of Foundations

Part III: Foundations and the question of their legitimacy

Chapter 6: The Legitimacy of American Foundations

Chapter 7: The Speech on Donor Priorities

Chapter 8: Legitimacy in an Unequal Partnership

Conclusion: The Challenges of Philanthropy in Higher Education

Appendices: Grants from American Foundations to the African University Sector



Published at 9 January 2018