Promoting new indicators of wealth: an unsuccessful cause

Working paper by Dominique Méda

The text focuses on the twofold movement to question GDP, with very different aims, both by a small current of thought known as the "new wealth indicators" that has been developing in France since the end of the 1990s and by several international institutions. After the Stiglitz Commission, the results of which are analysed, attempts to officialise a small number of indicators, notably with the SAS law, will not succeed in imposing themselves, any more than the indicators proposed by the World Bank. The battle of indicators - which is also a battle to determine new cognitive frameworks and new reference frameworks - is not over.

The author

Dominique Méda is Professor of Sociology, Director of IRISSO, Paris Dauphine-PSL University.

The text

The author is Chairholder of the Ecology, work, Employment Chair.
Citing this document: Dominique Méda, Promouvoir de nouveaux indicateurs de richesse : histoire d’une « cause » inaboutie, FMSH-WP-2020-145, juin 2020.
Published at 29 June 2020