Pasolini’s Critical Feminism Followed by a commentary of Stefania Tarantino


If Pasolini considered himself an ally of the feminists, he nonetheless precised immediately that his proximity towards them was of a critical nature. He meant by this that he considered to have to frequently struggle against them, not against feminism as such, but against the choices, that they could to do, and that seemed destructive to them for the idea of a real liberation (and not only nominal) of the women. To say it quickly, Pasolini wanted to avoid to the values of feminism to resorb themselves in those of modernity, understood as a triumph of the consumerism. Nevertheless, according to him, it’s really such a danger which threatens, if we don’t distinguish feminine emancipation with the progressist ideology of History.

Follow a commentary of Stefania Tarantino, who underlines how Pasolini’s acuity can echo the radical thinking of the philosophers women of the XXth century : Simone Weil, Maria Zambrano, Jeanne Hersch and Hannah Arendt.


Published at 17 February 2013