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2022 edition | FMSH diffusion Catalog
Catalogue en sciences humaines et sociales
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In collaboration with its publishers, the FMSH has selected over a hundred outstanding and original works published over the last two years.

  • Do you know the finesse of Arvernes jewellery?
  • Did you know that a photographer helped to eradicate the notion of hysteria?
  • Have you heard about the enigma hidden in a Rembrandt painting and discovered during its restoration?
  • Do you know the different meanings of the concept of democracy?

This catalogue is a collection of astonishing publications, an excuse to wander through the world of science, and an invitation to explore the diversity of knowledge produced by the humanities and social sciences. You'll discover new research approaches, ranging from major social issues to highly specialised, cutting-edge questions.

Demystifying false beliefs and diversifying approaches: this is the mission of this scientific work, which draws on archives, interviews, illustrations and field surveys to decipher and make intelligible the complexity of the contemporary world.

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About FMSH Diffusion

Created in 1981 at the request of the French Ministry of Education, FMSH Diffusion carries out a mission of general interest that aims to ensure the visibility and availability of French and Francophone scientific production. FMSH Diffusion markets a catalog of more than 30,000 references in humanities and social sciences offered by 50 academic publishers.

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Published at 30 January 2023