Social movements and social change in a global pandemic

Social Movements in the Global Age

This international online seminar, coordinated by Geoffrey Pleyers & Breno Bringel, gathers scholars from different continents to analyse the way social movements and popular actors have faced the pandemic in a range of countries. It aims at elaborating and discussing a global perspective on the current crisis and the way actors may shape the societies that will emerge out of it.

The coronavirus pandemic has shaken our world. Beyond the sanitary crisis, it affect lives and societies in all their dimensions, from social relations to the climate crisis. It has exacerbated inequalities and amplified problems of political governance. The CoVid-19 outbreak is a battlefield for alternative futures. Shaping the meaning of the current crisis and opening new horizons for powerful visions for alternative futures is a major stake and will have a dramatic impact on society, the economic system, the daily life of billions of people as well as on the environmental crisis.

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  • Karla Henriquez Ojeda, Universidad Bernardo O’Higgings, Chile
  • Bandana Purkayastha, University of Connecticut
  • John Krinsky, City University of New York
  • Alexandra Kassir, American University of Beirut
  • Kate Alexander, University of Johannesburg


  • Geoffrey Pleyers, FNRS-UCLouvain & Collège d’Etudes Mondiales
  • Breno Bringel, IESP/State University of Rio de Janeiro

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Seminar online
sessions in English.

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Published at 14 September 2020