New Uses of Digital and Continuity!

Automated Alert Analysis

The situation created by Covid-19 has underlined the need to design and deploy better solutions for distance education and a better appropriation of digital technologies. These challenges gave birth to the project “New Uses of Digital and Continuity (NUNC)! Automated Alert Analysis" from the Techné laboratory, which aims to assess the realities of the appropriation of digital techniques for distance education. The project uses methods of identifying emerging topics and issues based on conversations on social media. The data analysis process aims to extract trends in topics of interest over time to provide a dashboard that can be viewed by researchers, administrators, and teachers to identify representations of pedagogical continuity, problems that arose and, in conjunction with the other analyzes of the NUNC project, propose possible solutions.

Project led by

  • Andrew Peterson, Université de Poitiers
Published at 30 October 2020