06 March 2018
The issue of socio-economic inequalities in China.

Seminar - Tuesday March 6

Seminar Has a Chinese model of development been existing for the last four decades? hosted by Lun Zhang, Professor of Chinese Studies at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, Paris.



Tuesday March 6, 2018

FMSH | Room BS1-05 (1st Basement)

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Speaker: Sylvie DÉMURGER, is a research director at the CNRS, she is a specialist in the Chinese economy, known in France and internationally for her high-level research on the issue of inequality in China. She has coordinated several collaborative research programs with Chinese and international researchers on the Chinese economy for the past two decades. His recent research focuses on the issue of inequality, internal migration, the segmentation of the labor market in China. She will speak on the issue of socio-economic inequalities in China.




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