Digital restitution and modelling new media

On the edges of art and science, applying the work of heterography – a narration crafted from materials other than writing – is at the crossroads of art, urban history, art history, immaterial patrimony, computer cognitive sciences, this project takes the quarter of Grand Châtelet, in Paris, in the 18th century, as a zone of study. Through the digital restitution, it aims to develop the new concept of 5D modeling. If the archeology of the soundscape offers a new way of reading ordinary history, its complementary part – 5D modeling – allow it to be broadcast and developed widely. In fact, this concept rests on visual restitution into 3D, to which is added the displacement to the first person and the perceptible dimension with the sound dimension. This exploratory work aims to further research in digital restitution and modeling, a new type of documentary media in augmented reality.


  • Mylène Pardoen, doctor in musicology and researcher in reproduction of historical atmospheres, ISH Lyon
  • Christian Dury, research engineer, ISH Lyon
  • Julia Bonaccorsi, professor in Information and Communication Sciences, Lyon 2 University - ELICO
  • Kevin Jacquot, doctor in Architectural Sciences, Lorraine University
  • Florent Laroche, lecturer, École Centrale of Nantes
Published at 16 February 2018