03 April 2019
China's economy faces challenges

Seminar - Wednesday, April 3rd

Intervention of Wei Sen LI in the seminar The Chinese economy at the crossroads, state of play and probable future.

LI Weisen (pen name Wei Sen) is Professor at Department of International Economics, School of Economics of Fudan University in Shanghai. He received his PhD in Economics from The University of Sydney in 1995. He worked for The Independent Daily (a leading Australian Chinese language newspaper based in Sydney) as Reporter and Economic Commentator.  He became the professor in the School of Economics of Fudan University from 1998. He was the Deputy Dean of the School during 2002-2011. He is the Director of the Research Institute of Economic Thoughts of the School from 2011 until now. He is considered one of the important economists in China today. He was visiting fellow in Cambridge University (2010) and Harvard University (2006).   




Wednesday, April 3rd
5pm - 7pm

Room A3-35
FMSH | 54, bd Raspail, Paris 6

Free entrance

Session in English

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En translation unavailable for L’économie chinoise au carrefour, états des lieux et avenir probable.

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