Les Éditions de la MSH signs a new co-publishing partnership with the publisher SAGE

Violence: An international journal, the new journal on violence

After more than 40 years of collaboration with the journal Social Science Information, MSH Publishing continues its partnership with the publisher SAGE for the launch of its new journal Violence: an international journal.

SAGE, an English-language publisher specialized in the publication of academic journals and established on four continents, has established itself as a prime partner to achieve the objectives of this new journal: to bring together and support a large international community of researchers, professionals and practitioners around the analysis of violence, in its various expressions and forms.

Violence: An International Journal, a biannual journal dedicated to to processes of exiting violence

Conceived in 2018, the journal aims not only to develop understanding of violence but to make prevention and exit from violence a specific field of research, with its advancement and debates.

Each issue will feature a thematic dossier, as well as several other articles, debates and interviews on various subjects. Violence: An International Journal will also seek to link research in the social sciences with other fields of knowledge and reflection. It will forge special links with artistic and literary circles.

Violence: An International Journal will be a biannual journal published entirely in English by MSH Publishing and SAGE Publishing.

Understanding and overcoming contemporary violence: a publication linked to an international research initiative

Violence: An International Journal was created as a follow-up to the activities of the Platform on Violence and Exiting Violence. The platform was created in 2015 at the FMSH in Paris, and connects some three hundred researchers from around the world, in an international and multidisciplinary perspective.

The platform articulates and examines the different stages of violence, from entry (radicalization, arming, training, acting out, etc.) to exit (transitional justice, demobilization, memory, trauma, prevention, etc.), as well as its different forms (mafia, organized crime, digital radicalization, etc.).

The projects carried out through the platform result in analytical works for the academic world and reports for policy makers, civil society actors, the media and the general public, in order to better link knowledge production and action.

Published at 18 December 2019