Intervened memory

Listen to the musical pieces of Human Mobility exhibition

Since 2006, Cristian Pineda has been working on the theme of migration, a motive which led him to travel to the frontiers of Mexico, America and in Europe. These frontiers bear witness to a geographic, political, social, economic and cultural fracture which challenges the artist who has endeavoured to grasp the role of the human being in this globalised and fractured world.

Human Mobility is a series of 10 different artistic projects which include participant art in collaboration with the migrants and asylum seekers, installations, series of photographs, documentaries, an audiovisual presentation and paintings, sculptures and drawings.

Je suis ma maison // I am my house // Yo soy mi casa

The project I am my house originated in the artist’s reaction to the feeling of being uprooted which the September 2017 earthquake (which destroyed more than half the houses and the buildings in his region) aroused in him. I am my house is a series of photographs on which Cristian Pineda has drawn imaginary houses to reinvent towns, houses, homes and lives after the catastrophe.

I am my home: a sound and visual experience

The visual work is accompanied by a sound intervention created by Jimena Maldonado, Juan Luis Montoro and Israel Castillo and is based on five of the 5 graphics of the intervened photographs. ‘Intervened memory’ is a sound intervention based on the intervened graphics, and which acts as a musical interpretation of this climate, social, cultural and personal catastrophe.


Intervened memory I


Intervened memory II


Intervened memory III


Intervened memory IV


Intervened memory V


Composer: Jimena Maldonado
Electronic instruments: Juan Luis Montoro
Viola da gamba: Israel Castillo

Published at 21 February 2020