2020 winners of thematic calls for projects

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The Research and Prospective Pole of the Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme (FMSH), supports the creation of projects dedicated to innovative themes in the humanities and social sciences (SHS). This year, the 4 award-winning projects fall within the themes of Ecological Transition and Social Justice and Digital Humanities:

Ecological Transition and Social Justice

Inequalities of "power of action" and justice of the ecological transition

To conceptualize the differences in the capacity of households to act in the face of ecological transition, this project proposes a notion of "power of action", which integrates the context of individual situations and the "room for maneuver" available to individuals, as psychological and normative dimensions of acting.


The primary stake of the Transilience project is the establishment of a participatory research system aimed at bringing together academics, associations, public authorities, businesses and citizens, through the development of collaborative tools making it possible to share and operationalize knowledge on transition and territorial resilience.

Digital Humanities

New Uses of Digital and Continuity! Automated Alert Analysis

This project aims to assess the realities of the appropriation of digital techniques for distance education. It uses methods of identifying emerging topics and issues based on conversations on social media.

For a digital and qualitative mediation platform for Open and Massive Data corpus in SHS

The digital divide (also the digital deficiency) greatly influences the question of completeness, which can amplify the phenomenon of relevance. This project therefore proposes the creation of an Open Data platform, intelligent, interactive of digital data corpus for users and research uses in SHS.

Published at 30 October 2020