Virtual Citizenship: Saudis in Clubhouse | PAVE

5:00 pm
5:00 pm
First session of the "Political participation in its “extreme” Middle Eastern context" webinar, organised by the FMSH and Ifpo for the PAVE project.

Virtual Citizenship: Saudis in Clubhouse by Professor Madawi Al-Rasheed (Visiting Professor The Middle East Centre, London School of Economics and Political Science)

Language: Arabic

Like all Gulf nationals, Saudis enjoy limited citizenship that entitles them to travel documents, welfare services and employment in the public sector. However, citizenship as deliberation in the public sphere is seriously curtailed with individuals, civil society, and semi-autonomous organisations are subjected to restriction on their ability to engage in discussion about policy. Any criticism of the government is severely punished as freedom of expression remains limited. As long as citizenship is reduced to obedience, Saudis search for citizenship as deliberation online. Most recently, the Clubhouse application has attracted their attention and has become the platform for virtual citizenship. The presentation analyses their debates and deliberations in this specific virtual community.  

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Published at 22 April 2021