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Round Table | Monday, January 4th
7:00 pm
7:00 pm

With Marc Fleurbaey, Marie-Laure Djelic, Olivier Bouin and Sofie Wolthers

Three hundred high-level social scientists from all around the world have conducted an unprecedented joint project: developing collectively multidisciplinary and non-partisan solutions to meet the major challenges of our time.

This fundamental work led to the publication of a vast report on social progress, synthesized by Marc Fleurbaey and a small team of authors in A Manifesto for Social Progress (La Découverte, 2018). This text is a fundamental call to think with the social sciences a better society and proposes a vision based on a new way of thinking and reforming our main institutional pillars: markets, companies, social protection policies and mechanisms of democratic deliberation. It shows that it is possible to do much better now.

On the occasion of the publication of the Manifesto for Social Progress in French, the Foundation Gulbenkian and the Collège d’études mondiales, FMSH, invites you to a roundtable discussion on the reflections led by the International Panel for Social Progress (IPSP), in the presence of Marc Fleurbaey (Professor of Economics at Princeton University, Former Chair of Welfare Economics and Social Justice at the Collège d’études mondiales, FMSH), Marie-Laure Djelic (Co-Director of the School of Management and Research at Sciences Po), Olivier Bouin (Director of the Foundation-Laboratory of Excellence French Network of Institutes for Advanced Studies, former Director of the Collège d’études mondiales) and Sofie Wolthers (director of the film A New Society).

The roundtable will be followed by the screening of the film A New Society, which traces the scope of the IPSP’s project, and develops some of the tracks put forward by researchers to change institutions and social structures.

In Partnership with the Fondation Calouste Gulbenkian

Published at 14 January 2019