Morphologie, neurogéométrie, sémiotique

19 June | Presentation of the book
10:00 am
6:00 pm
The Centre d'analyse et de mathématique sociales - CAMS and EHESS are organising a meeting at the Comptoir to discuss the book "Morphologie, neurogéométrie, sémiotique : un Festschrift en l'honneur du 80ème anniversaire de Jean Petitot".

Jean Petitot is a polyhedric thinker whose contributions has been fundamental in a number of disciplines, such as epistemology, morphodynamics, differential geometry, structural semiotics, neurogeometry, phenomenology, linguistics, cognitive grammars, the theory of catastrophes, social sciences, literary studies, and aesthetics. This book is a tribute to his huge contribution about the main concepts of morphogenesis and meaning that constitute the center of gravity around which Petitotian reflection revolves and returns.



10 am | Introduction: Alessandro Sarti

10 am : 1 pm | Mathematics
with Giovanna Citti
Bernard Teissier
Testimonies and discussion with Jean Petitot

- Buffet -

2 pm : 5pm | Semiotics and Epistemology
with Ivan Darrault-Harris
Sara Franceschelli
Testimonies and discussion with Jean Petitot

  • Jean Petitot
  • Alessandro SartiGiovanna Citti
  • Alain Chenciner
  • Sara Franceschelli
  • Ivan Darrault-Harris
Published at 5 April 2024