Matrix Reloaded: The concept of socio-political matrix revisited from Latin America

Conference | Thursday, October 10th
5:30 pm
5:30 pm

The concept of "socio-political matrix" has been developed to understand the transformations of Latin American societies by overcoming the dichotomy between structure and actors. It is particularly useful for understanding contemporary social movements and their impact far beyond Latin America. The transition from the "state-national popular" matrix to the neoliberal matrix allows us to understand the major political developments as well as the successes, dead ends and challenges of contemporary social movements. In this presentation, Professor Garretón will present his recent work in which he analyzes the new relations between the State, politics and society based on case studies in Latin America and in a perspective that strongly resonates with developments in France and in Europe.

Conference of the research programme Social Movements in the Global Age with Manuel Antonio Garretón, professor at the University of Chili.


Published at 10 October 2019