Human / Machine. What kind of Europe for employment and rights?

OK Europe 2021 - Paris | Thursday, November 4th 2021
6:30 pm
8:30 pm

The FMSH is pleased to host the 2nd European workshop organized by the Fondazione Giangiacomo Feltrinelli as part of its Ok Europe project. This series of workshops organized in four European capitals will examine the construction of a dimension of trust within the EU and the political project of integration.

Ok Europe is a new programme of research and cultural initiatives aimed at designing a green democracy platform focused on climate, social justice, civil rights and work. :

  • City Centre / Suburbs. What kind of cities for Europe? (Barcelona, 22 sept.)
  • Human / Machine. What kind of Europe for employment and rights? (Paris, 4 nov.)
  • Citizens / Institutions. What kind of Europe? Between technocracies and populism. (Brussels, 16 nov.)
  • Utopia / Systemic Change. Ecological Transition: Hype or real change? (Berlin, 23 nov.)


Workshops | Closed to the public

The Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme will host two research workshops with representatives from the worlds of research, business and politics.

This workshop aims at creating a moment of listening and comparison between the research paths developed by the Feltrinelli Foundation in 2021 on the themes of economics, urban transformation and politics scenarios with stakeholders and researchers based in Paris.

Speakers: Adelaide Fabbi (Institut Polytechnique de Paris), Lorenzo Khilgren Grandi (Sciences Po), Yves Sintomer (Université de Paris VIII), Sophie Guillain (RES PUBLICA), Mario Del Pero (Sciences Po), Danièle Obono (La France Insoumise), Thierry Vedel (Sciences Po), Jens Althof (Heinrich Boll Stiftung-Paris)

Actions and case studies

Speakers: Joseph Stiglitz (Columbia University), Vincent Puig, (Institut de Recherche et Innovation), Giacomo Gilmozzi (Institut de Recherche et Innovation), Flore Gubert (Fondation Maison des sciences de l’homme), Francesco Saraceno (Sciences Po), Julien Hallak (Institut Veblen), Mirna Safi (Sciences Po), Federico Filetti (Sciences Po), Emanuele Ferragina (Sciences Po), Francesco Sabato Massimo (Sciences Po), Tommaso Vitale (Sciences Po), Arnaud Esquarre (EHESS), Angelo Moro (Université de Bourgogne), Therese Rebiere (CNAM), Mirta Papi (France Terre d'Asile), Anne Eydoux (CNAM), Christine Erhel (CNAM)


Conference | Upon registration

As part of this Parisian meeting dedicated to work, a public conference will be held at the Columbia Global Center on the theme "Human/Machine: What kind of Europe for employment and rights?

There is a great opportunity today to work together for a new European design. A design that involves everyone: institutions, companies and social organizations, but that is inspired by the real needs of citizens.

Ok Europe is a journey that starts in Milan and continues in four major European cities: Barcelona, Paris, Berlin and Brussels, in a search for the most just and inclusive design.

International experts, young professionals, local communities and policy makers dialogue on topics that are at the core of our future: urban transformations, digital work, ecological transition and active citizenship.


  • Joseph Stiglitz Economist and professor, Columbia University
  • Anne Hidalgo Mayor of Paris
  • Tommaso Vitale Sciences Po
  • Patrick Braouezec Plaine Commune
  • Stefano Montefiori Corriere della Sera

Published at 4 November 2021