Brasil, Russia, China and United States facing the pandemic: health, economic and political impacts

BRICS Seminar | Wednesday May 20th
6:00 pm
6:00 pm

Seminar on line

The Covid-19 pandemic has led governments all over the world to take unprecedented emergency measures. These measures and their results have had tremendous economic and social consequences, both at the national and the international levels.

Organised as a virtual roundtable, this BRICs seminar will be held in the following way: first, a 15 minutes presentation on each country, followed by 1-hour discussion, introduced by a general presentation by Pierre Salama – 10 minutes. In organizing this webinar, we pursue three main objectives:

  • To propose a comparative insight into several BRICs’ and United States’ answers to this pandemic;
  • To offer a panorama about the first economic consequences of the health crisis, the confinement measures and to present critically the currently available scenarios for the near future;
  • To initiate a broader discussion, which is likely to structure at least partially our 2020-2021 BRICs seminar, about the comparative analysis of national experiences regarding a historical crisis that is genuinely worldwide, whose length is still uncertain but that has already provoked irreversible consequences on the socio-economic trajectories of these countries.

Presentation, questions and answers will be given both in English and French, without translation.



Published at 20 May 2020