Blocage du développement des enfants, désocialisation et désinhibition des adultes

28 May | Seminar Accumulations and accelerations 2024
6:00 pm
8:00 pm
La-tromperie-sur-Darwin-pour-légitimer-la-loi-du-plus-fort, agenda FMSH.

Discover the new session of the "Accumulations and accelerations: Computer totalitarianism" seminar with:

  •  Marie-Claude Bossière, child psychiatrist, researcher at IRI/Centre Pompidou, author of Le bébé au temps du numérique. L'humanité au risque des disrupteurs relationnels, Hermann 2021
Accumulations and accelerations: Computer totalitarianism

For Hannah Arendt, "totalitarianism does not aim for a despotic reign over men, but towards a system in which men are superfluous, a world of conditioned reflexes, of puppets without the slightest trace of spontaneity." However, by outsourcing many human faculties and activities, computing – falsely termed digital – precisely tends to render the human being and their subjectivity superfluous.

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Published at 24 November 2023