AnthropOcean, oceanics imaginaries

Evening event - Monday 26th November 2018
6:00 pm
6:00 pm

In September 2018, Social Science information published a special issue involving with the theme of AntropOcean in a multidisciplinary approach and perspective. The contributions reflect the notion of an oceanic sensitive-anthropology, i.e. thinking, feeling, and imagining the dynamics of the ocean in the context of the contemporary ecological crisis. To do so, the chosen approaches go beyond the theoretical framework alone, in order to focus on fiction, ethnographic notebooks, testimonies, inter-species encounters with the ocean’s inhabitants. Therefore, in a profound process of transformation of our present, can one dream about other dreams than those of the industrial exploitation?

As the part of this publication, an evening event is organized Monday the 26th November 2018 in Paris to present this special issue, with artists performances, discussions and an exhibition. 




  • Presentation of the special issue and of the notion of AnthropOcéan by Fabien Clouette and Jeremie Brugidou, both Ph.D candidate from Paris 8 University and filmmakers 
  • Screening of a visual proposition by Fabien Clouette and Jeremie Brugidou in a dialogue with the special issue 
  • Sound performance by the artist Robertina Šebjanič.
    Inspired by the quote of Paul Celan, ‘There are still songs to sing beyond mankind’, the artistic work of Robertina Sebjanic deals with cultural, biopolitical and ecological issues of the human print in the aquatic environment and its consequences for a better understanding of our terrestrial environment
  • Performance of Clifton Evers (Newcastle University)
    The performance of Cliftont Evers will deal with the implications of leisure tourism (including surfing), with the ecological transformation affecting the ocean, and the consequences of pollution as such on those practices.
  • Dialogue in English between artists and researchers: Robertina Šebjanič, Clifton Evers (University of Newcastle), Fabien Clouette and Jeremie Brugidou.
  • From 26th November to 7th December : temporary exhibition organized by Clifton Evers and James Davoll, A Toxic Love Affair: Polluted Leisure in ‘Blue Spaces’: a video work, a sound work, and photographs, dealing with pollution as an active cause of transformations. The works come from a collaboration of photographers, activists, sculptors, poets, directors, in order to question the contradictions, paradoxes, and tensions of what we can call ‘polluted leisure’, especially though the practices of surfers.
Published at 26 November 2018