Marc Abélès is an anthropologist, Director of studies at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Sciences Sociales (Chair of Anthropology of Institutions) and Director of CNRS research. Director of the Laboratory of Anthropology of Institutions and Social Organizations (2005-2010) of the Interdisciplinary Institute of Anthropology of Contemporary (2010-2012), of the Franco-Argentine Center of Buenos Aires, (2012-2013). President of Section 38 "Anthropology and comparative study of contemporary societies" of the CNRS (2012-2016).

Research Project 

Since his first work on assemblies in a society in Southern Ethiopia, he has pursued research in political anthropology on national and European institutions. More recently, he has been interested in the emergence of new areas of politics by developing an important international research program on the World Trade Organization. As a follow-up to this exploration, his current work focuses on globalization and its consequences on trade and the movement of goods in the field of luxury and contemporary art.

For a global anthropology of luxury: to think of luxury in the context of globalization. The circulation of luxury goods has become a global affair, it has become denser and faster. This project considers the value of luxury, the political stakes and the cultural representations it mobilizes and how it reflects the transformations of capitalism today.

Selected Publications 

►Le lieu du politique (Société d'Ethnographie, 1978) 

►Jours tranquilles en 89 (Odile Jacob, 1989)

►Anthropologie de l’Etat (Armand Colin, 1990)

►La vie quotidienne au Parlement européen (Hachette, 1992)

►En attente d’Europe (Hachette, 1996)

►Un ethnologue à l’Assemblée (Odile Jacob, 2000)

►Les nouveaux riches (Odile Jacob, 2002)

►L’échec en politique (Circé, 2005)

►Politique de la survie (Flammarion, 2006)

►Le spectacle du pouvoir (Editions de L'Herne, 2007)

►Anthropologie de la globalisation (Payot, 2008)

►Des anthropologues à l’Organisation Mondiale du Commerce. Scènes de la gouvernance mondiale (Editions du CNRS, 2011)

►Beijing 798 (Stock, 2011)

►Penser au-delà de l’État (Belin, 2014).

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