Madona Mshvildadze

Laureate of the Atlas Programme 
Stay in France: from April 1st to June 27, 2019

Madona Mshvildadze - 2015 got Doctor Degree in Archaeology. Since 2017 works as an Invited lecturer at Ilia State University and since 2011 works at Ilia State University’s scientific division “Laboratory of Paleourban Researches. She is certified Underwater Archaeologist. Since 2016 she is employed with National Agency for Cultural Heritage preservation of Georgia. Participated in International and local conferences, archaeological expeditions and projects.

The project 

Title: Researchers of Claudius Ptolemy’s ,,Geography” and Historical Georgia

Keywords : Clavdius Ptolemy, Urban Archaeology, Cartography, South Caucasus

Recent publications

  • Black Sea Underwater Archaeological Surveys in village Anaklia, Georgia, 11th International Symposium on Underwater Research,  forthcoming (together with N. Erkomaishvili, N. Tskvitinidze), Kemer-Antalia 2018.
  • Georgia's Black Sea coast and the prospects in regards Underwater Archaeology, 10th International Symposium on Underwater Research, ,,Black Sea Archaeology”, (together with N. Tushabramishvili), Samsun, Turkey 2016.
  • The Iberian (Caucasian) Town of Artanissa in Claudius Ptolemy’s Coordinates”, TALANTA, Dutch Archaeological and Historical Society, ISBN 90-72067-09-6; ISSN: 0165-2486. 2016.
  • Iberian Towns of Caucasus in Claudius Ptolemy’s “Geography”. Monograph. “Artanuji”,Tbilisi 2015.
  • Georgian cultural heritage monuments in the East part of Historical Chaneti. Monograph (together with Sh. Mamuladze, A. Kakhidze, E. Kakhidze, T. Putkaradze, M. Phagava, K. Qamadadze), Batumi 2014.
  • The Localization Issue of Ptolemy’s “Λούβιον κώμη, Humanities in the Information Society - II”. Batumi Shota Rustaveli State University. Batumi 2014.
  • Iberian town – Artanissa according to Claudius Ptolemy’s coordinates, “Macne”  N1, The Series of History, Archaeology, Ethnology and Art History, ISSN-0132-6058, Georgian National Academy of Sciency, Tbilisi 2014.
  • Church Buildings in Eastern Chaneti, (together with G. Kipiani, Sh. Mamuladze) “Chveni Sulierebis Balavari V”, ISSN 1987-5916, Tbilisi 2013.
  • Archaeological Report from the Zeda Tsikhesulori Site, Vani Municipality (2013y.), Report (together with G. Kipiani), A Journal of the Humanities “Kadmosi”, ISSN 1987-8788, Ilia State University, Tbilisi 6. 2014. 
  • Archaeological Report from the Zeda Tsikhesulori Site, Vani Municipality (2012y.), Report (together with G. Kipiani), A Journal of the Humanities “Kadmosi”, ISSN 1987-8788, Ilia State University, Tbilisi 5. 2013.
  • Stone Arch Bridges, “Byzantine Studies in Georgia 4”, Tbilisi 2013.
  • Iberian Town - Artanisa, “Humanitarian studies V” (in memory of Tamaz Beradze), university of Georgia, Tbilisi.2013.
  • Archaeological Report rfom the Zemo Samsari, Report (together with G. Kipiani), Tbilisi 2013.
  • Arched stone bredges, Abstract of Papers (together with Sh. Mamuladze, G. Kipiani), “IIth International conference Tao-Klarjeti”, ISBN 978-9941-9284-1-3, Tbilisi-Batumi 2012.
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  • A new Upper Palaeolithic sequence in western Georgia with human remains: A preliminary framework from the site of Bondi Cave (together with Tushubramishvili N., Pleurdeau D., Moncel M-H., Agapishvili T., Vekua A., Bukhsianidze M., Muskhelishvili A., Maureille B., Kapanadze N., Lordkipanidze D.), Journal of Human Evolution xxx, 2011, 1-7.
  • “Maritime archaeology over the boarders- A project description”, Caucasus Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 3, Issue 1, ISSN 1512-3677, 2010, Tbilisi, Georgia, (together with Söderlind U., Beritashvili I., Donadze P., Jaramillo R., Tskvitinidze N.).
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