Archives of the Foundation

A History of Scientific Research in the Humanities and Social Sciences

The historical archives of the Fondation Maison des sciences de l'homme consist of administrative archives, international cooperation programs, thematic research programs, etc. It is enriched by the contribution of collections from researchers or structures related to research in the human and social sciences.  

The archive collection accounts for part of the Foundation's history, which has served as a platform for international cooperation that it has made available to French and foreign researchers and academics since the 1960s. Above all, it allows the study of international networks within the framework of a policy of scientific and logistical support for research. As such, these archives are a trace of the history of scientific research in the human and social sciences and of the "golden age" of French humanities.

The Archives Department collects, preserves, communicates and promotes the data and archival documents produced and received by the Foundation's departments and the research and international cooperation programs it supports.  

Accessing the archives


A collection description is accessible in Nabû. It is updated on a regular basis. Nabû is the FMSH's archive search engine. It allows users to search the inventories and directories of the FMSH's archive collections (historical and/or scientific). You will find the dimensions of the documents that can be communicated and you will be able to consult the digitized archives online.

  • Browse the archives description on Nabû
  • Description of the FMSH's archival collection

On site

Archival documents listed in the Nabû search engine are available for public consultation, unless otherwise specified. Readers may be refused access on the grounds of the rules of communicability (privacy) such as the poor physical condition of the document.

Places and methods of consultation

Until their departure for the Campus, archives can be consulted by appointment on the FMSH Charenton-Le-Pont website. After validation of the consultation request, allow 48 hours for the archives to be made available.

Office hours: 9-12 a.m. and 1-4 p.m., Monday to Friday.

Address: 18-20 rue Robert Schuman | 94220 Charenton-Le-Pont

Transportation: metro (line 8 Charenton Ecoles) and by several bus lines (lines 24, 180, etc.).

How to consult:

  • During consultation of the archives, only pencil and laptop are authorized for note-taking. It is forbidden to take notes on a document, to make marks or annotations on it, or to trace it.
  • Readers must ensure that the documents communicated are not damaged, degraded or altered by their own actions or negligence. The order in which the documents appear within each file must be respected.
  • The reproduction of certain documents is possible within the framework of private copying.
  • For any use of documents, the source must be mentioned in the following form: FMSH Archives, title of the archival fonds, followed by the call number.



For any information concerning the archival fonds and its consultation, as well as the donation of archives, contact Guillaume MARTIN: