25 February 2020
Contemporary transformations of police, judicial and military rules and practices in the context of new conflicts

Seminar: Violence and exiting violence | Tuesday 25th February

This session will tackle the study of social and historical transformations that law enforcement professions (armed forces, jurists, magistrates) have undergone in the past decades when met with conflictual situations caracterized by a high degree of uncertainty regarding the nature of the violences that emerge from them.

Interventions by Cédric Moreau de Bellaing (ENS-Paris et Institut Marcel Mauss), Olivier Cahn (Université Lille 2), Dominique Linhart (CNRS et Institut Marcel Mauss), Alexandre Rios-Bordes (Université Paris VII) in the seminar Violence and exiting violence.



Tuesday 25 February
18h - 20h

FMSH | 54 bd Raspail, Paris 6
Room A3-35

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Seminar: Violence and exiting violence

For the fifth consecutive year, the Platform on Violence and Exiting Violence seminar continues to invite internationally renowned researchers to deepen our understanding of the phenomena of violence and to make the exit from violence a specific and innovative field of research.

The 2020 programme is in line with this desire to open up and explore new, emerging fields of research, working at the crossroads of disciplines that are sometimes too little convened to grasp the processes of entry/non-entry/exit from violence.

It will open with a presentation and debate with Farhad Khosrokhavar on the new edition of his seminal book Radicalisation (published by MSH). This will be an opportunity to discuss the unique approaches of this author and his team, for example on using the anthropology of the contemporary family in order to better grasp so-called “European jihadism".

Two sessions will be devoted to the economics of violence, a direction that has so far been little explored, be it the quantification of violence (econometric approach), or its quantified representation and the distortions the latter causes in societies that are widely described as "violent". This is clearly a scientific debate that also concerns the current French situation.

A session will be organized in partnership with the International Platform on Racism and Anti-Semitism and the International Society(IES) and Digital Technology(IES) Platform on online hate speech and its issues.

A little-treated topic in France will be discussed under the theme of youth issues in situations of war and extreme violence.

Violence: an international journal will be launched during the seminar. The first issue revisits the controversial theme of “passage-à-l'acte”. The launch will be an opportunity for scientific exchange.

Seminar registration: inscription.seminaire@msh-paris.fr (automatic registration by email)



Farhad Khosrokhavar | Radicalisation

Contemporary transformations of police, judicial and military rules and practices in the context of new conflicts
Olivier Cahn (Université Lille 2), Catherine Hass (École des Mines ParisTech), Cédric Moreau de Bellaing (ENS-Paris et Institut Marcel Mauss), Alexandre Rios-Bordes (Université Paris VII)

Hatred on line
Ghislaine Azémard (FMSH et Université Paris 8), Dominique Cardon (Sciences-Po), Jérôme Ferret (Université Toulouse 1 Capitole), Laurent Mario (Université toulouse 1 Capitole), Régis Meyran (Université Paris-Descartes)

The economy of violence
Jean-Paul Azam (Université de Toulouse 1 Capitole, Toulouse School of Economics)

Youth in situations of war and extreme violence
Albane Buriel (Université du Québec à Chicoutimi), Marie Kortam (Institut français du proche Orient - Beyrouth), Tejendra Pherali (University College London)

Launch of the magazine Violence. An International Journal

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