ETHICA - Unfettered research

A digital application for an enhanced version of Spinoza's Ethics

The ETHICA project is a web-based application containing a digital, expanded version of Spinoza’s Ethics. The commentaries by all 100 participating philosophers will be available in the application and will form a brand new map of 21st Century Spinoza research, translated into 12 languages, which will be freely available.

Through the web-based app, ETHICA will reveal the structure of Spinoza’s text through graphics that allow users to display a 3-dimensional view of the text.

Digital tools for a new reading path

Using the digital tools provided, users will be able to view and read the text freely and explore it in new, intuitive ways, with the help of a brand new digital archive containing video and audio commentaries by 100 philosophers.

They will be able to use their creativity to build their own reading itineraries, save them and share them with other users. They will be able to participate in creating a worldwide community engaged in active discovery of the past and be part of a new way of using knowledge and transmitting and sharing essays.

A project in production phase

The production phase of the project began in 2015: creating tree structures of the text, writing the application code, dealing with issues for different media, looking for new partners, designing the app and its features and tools and developing a network of participating philosophers.



Responsible, scientific carrier: Lorenzo Vinciguerra (director of the CRAE,  EA 4291, UPJV, Amiens)

Author, director : Patrick Fontana (

Scientific officer


ETHICA - Du travail sans obstacle