Promesses alimentaires. Injonctions, bricolages, résistances

Published in the "54" collection of Éditions de la MSH
bannière promesses alimentaires

Discover the book Promesses alimentaires. Injonctions, bricolages, résistances directed by Tristan Fournier and Sébastien Dalgalarrondo, published on October 13, 2022 in the "54" collection of Éditions de la MSH.

Can we feed off promises?

The sociology of food has often favored the guideline of continuity. In this book, the authors propose to subject food to the analytical framework of the promise and to study the articulation between the long history of food, its anthropological dimension and the effects of rupture generated by certain promises. The objective is twofold: on the one hand, to question the innovative character of food promises and thus to grasp their conditions of emergence, circulation and transformation; on the other hand, to understand what eaters concretely do with them on a daily basis: do they adopt them? do they reject them? do they tinker with them? Nine richly illustrated contributions, drawn from ethnographic surveys conducted on three continents, have been brought together. The promises deciphered here are linked to products (bread, probiotics, food supplements), to practices (the "no food" diet, the "zero waste" movement) and to issues (food autonomy in cities, food at the end of life, child malnutrition and food aid). In this way, the book is aimed at all those who are interested in contemporary food and its social, political, nutritional and ecological dimensions.

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Published at 12 April 2023