18 October 2018
Conservative social movements in Central and Eastern Europe. The constitutional issues of a transnational mobilization

Conference - Thursday, October 18th

Conference of the Research Initiative Social Movements in the Global Age by Geoffrey Pleyers

In the perspective of a better integration of the social movements of Central and Eastern Europe in the analyzes of the social movements at the global age, Camil Parvu will analyze mobilizations around citizen initiatives of modification of the constitution in Eastern Europe. He will be particularly interested in the mobilizations of conservative communities around the proposal to ban gay marriage in the constitution. These mobilizations involve different types of actors, strategies and repertoires of action that can be found in different countries of the region, with processes of resonance, learning and transnational dissemination.

This will be the occasion to return to the referendum of October 7th on the constitutional revision in Romania that originated in a citizens' initiative. Similar referendums were held in Slovakia and Croatia. These conservative mobilizations are particularly important in the region.



Camil Parvu, Professor at the University of Bucarest


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The conferences of the Social Movements in the Global Age Research Initiative analyze social movements in the South of the planet or regions that are generally not very visible in the sociological field, such as Eastern Europe with the aim of better integrating researchers, analysts and actors from these regions into building a global, multi-situated perspective on social movements and the challenges of democracy in this troubled period.




Thursday, October 18th
6pm to 8 pm

Room A3-50
FMSH | 54, bd Raspail, Paris 6

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Conference in French

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