21 October 2020
The Biggest Indian Economic Crisis: Impact of Coronavirus and the Way Ahead

BRICS Seminar | Wednesday October 21th

The session will take place exclusively in english and online, by videoconference.

You will receive a personal online access code on the day of the session.

Arun Kumar is Malcolm Adiseshiah Chair Professor at the Institute of Social Sciences, JNU New Delhi (India), and author of Demonetization and the Black Economy, Penguin (India).

Title of his forthcoming book (December 2020) on COVID-19:  `Coronavirus and its Socio-economic Impact on India

See, attached, a selection of his interviews and articles on the subject from march to october 2020 and his last article: « Macroeconomic Consequences of a Lockdown and Its Policy Implications », Economic & Political Weekly, september 26, 2020 vol lV no 39

For more information on the BRICs Seminar, consult the notebook/blog: http://brics.hypotheses.org



Seminar on line

Wednesday May 21th
6pm - 8pm

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