New forms of conflictuality

The global landscape of conflicts put into perspective in the field of social sciences

Although the possibility of conventional war or nuclear challenges between states cannot be excluded, conflict in the world today is increasingly caused by deadly enterprises or situations of insecurity, which blur the boundaries between war and peace, exterior and interior, civil and military, even real and virtual – to the point, at times, that the face of the enemy cannot be made out.

This landscape of conflict needs to be inventoried and put into perspective by the social sciences. Some needed conceptual clarification could be obtained through targeted research projects.


Closed projects


Political cameras: scholarly and artistic investigation of politics by motion picture camera
The Political cameras project proposes a dialogue between the arts and SSH, and especially between the cinema and visual ethnography, with the aim of comparing the practices and engagement of researchers and artists.


Transformations contemporaines des règles et pratiques policières, judiciaires et militaires
This interdisciplinary research project, involving sociologists, jurists and historians, comparatively questions the transformations induced by the relative lack of distinction between war and crime that characterizes many contemporary conflicts in the rules of police, military and judicial institutions engagement in France