Political participation in its "extreme" Middle Eastern context | PAVE

Interventions by Mohamad Sablouh and Hala Hamze
5:00 pm
5:00 pm

Sixth session of the "Political participation in its “extreme” Middle Eastern context" webinar, organised by the FMSH and Ifpo for the PAVE project.

The role of state institutions in combating extremism

Defining extremist thought and violent extremist ideology, and distinguishing between them, as state institutions play a major role in addressing the phenomenon of extremism, either as a cause of its spread and expansion, or as a cause of addressing its causes and narrowing its spread before its elimination. For this, an evaluation study for the role played by the state institutions in the previous phase in combating extremism must take place in order to develop a plan that addresses the errors committed in the previous phase and establish a new phase through cooperation and networking between the relevant state institutions in cooperation with civil society.

Mohamad Sablouh, Appeal attorney, Director of the Prisoner Rights Center at the Tripoli Bar Association and Human Rights activist.


The Public Will to counter Violent Extremism

This lecture based on the speaker’s field experience will look over the following points in order to counter violent extremism: public will; the extent of the general will of the Lebanese state; the path adopted by the Lebanese authority in combating violent extremism; the Lebanese judicial process in combating violent extremism and the opinion of civil society and human rights about it; cases helping to understand the Lebanese state's approach to combating violent extremism

Hala Hamze, Appeal attorney and PhD candidate in constitutional law and President of Helping Hands Foundation. 


Published at 24 June 2021